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Shenzhen Kairui Opto-elec Co.,Ltd , Engaged in Screen Protectors and mobile Phone Case , provide complex service and make all your dealings more effective with professional sales team , mature technology in manufacture , Strict Quality Control (IQC,IPQC for each line, FQC ,OQC,QE), Professional R&D department in newly precise size for hot-selling phone modles’ size in advance .


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  • How to repair the damaged mobile phone tempered film

    If the tempered film of the mobile phone is damaged, it cannot be repaired, and the tempered film can only be re-applied.   The steps of sticking the tempered film on the mobile phone are as follows: 1. Prepare the above four tools: tempered glass film, wiping cloth, vacuuming paper, and wip...

  • What are the benefits of mobile phone tempered glass protective film

    For the current smart phone, its screen is easily affected by the outside world. If you accidentally scratch the screen, the screen will become more and more blurred over a long period of time, and the phone’s tempered glass protective film can avoid this. Appear. What are the benefits of ...

  • Why does the tempered glass film break when it is bent

    1. Tempered glass has the characteristic of self-explosion This is because the glass raw materials contain nickel sulfide crystals, which cannot be completely avoided by any existing manufacturing technology in the world. The only way to reduce the probability of spontaneous explosion is to contr...

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