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Shenzhen Kairui Opto-elec Co.,Ltd , Engaged in Screen Protectors and mobile Phone Case , provide complex service and make all your dealings more effective with professional sales team , mature technology in manufacture , Strict Quality Control (IQC,IPQC for each line, FQC ,OQC,QE), Professional R&D department in newly precise size for hot-selling phone modles’ size in advance .


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  • Anti-blue light film can effectively reduce blue light on the screen

    The blue light emitted by any device will interfere with our biological clock. When we use artificial lighting for a long time, the blue light emitted by fluorescent lights and LEDs will reduce melatonin. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to use an anti-blue light film to reduce it. B...

  • Anti-blue glass protective film is much better than ordinary protective film

    Long-term foreign studies have shown that long-term exposure to blue light can cause eye spot diseases. Therefore, the concept of anti-blue light is proposed. However, there is no exact data on how much blue light and how long the exposure will cause damage. “Blue light panic”, but an...

  • Can a mobile phone stick with a toughened film to prevent broken screens?

    1. The hardness of the mobile phone screen is generally between 6.5-8, and the hardness of tempered glass is generally between 6.5-7. Therefore, under normal circumstances, your screen is not scratched when the tempered film is attached, so do not attach the tempered film. The same will not scrat...

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