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Shenzhen Kairui Opto-elec Co.,Ltd , Engaged in Screen Protectors and mobile Phone Case , provide complex service and make all your dealings more effective with professional sales team , mature technology in manufacture , Strict Quality Control (IQC,IPQC for each line, FQC ,OQC,QE), Professional R&D department in newly precise size for hot-selling phone modles’ size in advance .


Shenzhen Kairui Opto-Elec Co., Ltd.

  • Anti-blue light eye protection tempered glass screen protector

    The phone protects the eyes more. Anti-blue light tempered glass film, blue light AB glue is the core. There are many types of mobile phone protective films on the market, mainly PET mobile phone protective film and tempered glass film. For Meicheng anti-blue light tempered glass film, the core i...

  • What is the difference between mobile phone film and film?

    Everyone is familiar with mobile phone film, after all, it is necessary for mobile phone protection. However, there are many types of mobile phone films on the market, and the quality is also uneven. So what is the difference between the mobile phone film and the film? The mobile phone film is ma...

  • Is the film that comes with Huawei mobile phone a tempered film?

    No, the film that comes with the mobile phone is generally not a tempered film, but an ordinary TP film. Tempered glass mobile phone film is a new mobile phone protective film launched in China in 2012. It is a high-end new product with the most enhanced protection for the screen. The thickness o...

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