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  • Is the ipad pasted with ordinary film or tempered film?

     Although the tempered glass film is hard and has a certain thickness, it is not easy to grind, and it feels like an extra layer of glass on the screen, but compared to the ipad, a normal film is enough. The price of ordinary membrane is cheaper than tempered mill; The toughened film will also be...

  • About the anti-fingerprint effect of tempered glass film

    Many merchants’ product promotions mention that tempered glass film can prevent fingerprints. In fact, it is accurate to say that high-quality tempered glass film can reduce the residue of fingerprints on the glass film, but cannot completely prevent the generation of fingerprints. The method is ...

  • Can the anti-blue screen of the mobile phone be used together with the eye protection mode?

    It is best not to use the anti-blue screen of the mobile phone and the eye protection mode together. The eye protection mode does not have the effect of eye protection. Its working principle is the same as that of a seesaw. It reduces the intensity of blue light by lowering the color temperature,...

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