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Shenzhen Kairui Opto-elec Co.,Ltd , Engaged in Screen Protectors and mobile Phone Case , provide complex service and make all your dealings more effective with professional sales team , mature technology in manufacture , Strict Quality Control (IQC,IPQC for each line, FQC ,OQC,QE), Professional R&D department in newly precise size for hot-selling phone modles’ size in advance .


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  • What is the difference between tempered glass used for tempered film and ordinary glass

    First of all, we must understand the origin and design of the tempered film? The glass is immersed in potassium nitrate at a high temperature to produce a chemical effect to strengthen the properties of the glass, and then through a special treatment, we obtain the tempered film we are using now....

  • How much do you know about Blu-ray?

    Daylight includes visible light and invisible light. The visible light emitted by the sun includes a series of different colors of light, which contain different amounts of energy. Sunlight contains red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple light. The spectrum of these lights combines to...

  • How to choose a suitable tempered film for your phone

    Why stick the phone’s tempered film? 1. Should I stick the film and wear the shell? This question is also a commonplace talk. Any kind of viewpoint has its own support and even fundamentalism. The individual is currently like this. If the daily work is a two-point and one-line situation, on...

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