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Shenzhen Kairui Opto-elec Co.,Ltd , Engaged in Screen Protectors and mobile Phone Case , provide complex service and make all your dealings more effective with professional sales team , mature technology in manufacture , Strict Quality Control (IQC,IPQC for each line, FQC ,OQC,QE), Professional R&D department in newly precise size for hot-selling phone modles’ size in advance .


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  • The function and principle of anti-blue light film

    Is the anti-blue light film useful? What is the principle? The principle of the anti-blue light film to protect the eyes is to absorb and convert the high-energy short-wave blue light emitted by the light source, which greatly reduces the blue light’s irritation to the eyes, thereby achievi...

  • Can blue light tempered film really protect the eyes?

    Now that everyone buys a new mobile phone, they will buy another tempered film as soon as possible, for fear that the mobile phone of thousands of dollars will be scratched or broken. In order to meet the needs of the public, there are more types of tempered films, including high-definition, anti...

  • The characteristics of mobile phone eye protection anti-blue light tempered film

    Mobile phone anti-blue light tempered film can really prevent blue light, can it protect the eyes? Many people will have such doubts in their minds, and many people directly think that this product is a gimmick, but when we learn about its craftsmanship, we know whether it is useful. We should no...

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